The Pan African Clinical Trials Registry (PACTR) is a regional register of clinical trials conducted in Africa. The registry is an African initiative serving the needs of Africans. It provides an open-access platform where clinical trials can be registered free of charge. The PACTR aims to increase clinical trial registration in Africa by developing awareness of the need to register trials and supporting trialists during registration.

In addition, PACTR provides a searchable, electronic database of planned trials and trials currently in progress. Those wishing to search the database of trials, can do so from the homepage, by clicking on the “search” link. There is no need to register on the site if you simply want to search the database.

The PACTR is unique in recognising that African trialists face additional challenges in trial registration and seeks to provide feasible ways of overcoming these. For example, a common problem for individuals living in sub-Saharan Africa is limited, unreliable and costly internet access. With this in mind, the registry provides alternative means of trial registration for registrants who do not have reliable access to the internet. Trials may be registered manually by email, postal mail or facsimile correspondence and trial registration is free.

Start-up funding for PACTR was provided through a grant from the European and Developing Countries Clinical Trials Partnership (EDCTP) and is based at The South African Cochrane Centre (SACC), which is located at the South African Medical Research Council (MRC). 
The registry is working in collaboration with  The Cochrane Infectious Diseases Group (CIDG), (based at the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine), the Cochrane HIV/AIDS Group (based at the University of San Francisco and the SACC), and the World Health Organization (WHO).


Please note: The ATM Clinical Trials Registry has been expanded to include all health conditions and renamed the Pan African Clinical Trials Registry (PACTR).