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Trial no.: PACTR201301000445375 Date registered: 2012/10/26
Public title Atorvastastin and HIV associated immune activation
Official scientific title Use of Atorvastatin among HAART-treated adults with suboptimal immune recovery in Uganda
Brief summary describing the background
and objectives of the trial
Pre-ART HIV-associated immune activation is associated with increased risk of morbidity and mortality. During HAART, immune activation persists and is associated with suboptimal immune recovery. Anti-immune activation agents may improve immune recovery. This clinical trial will determine the effect of adjuvant therapy with atorvastatin on T-cell immune activation and exhaustion among HAART-treated adults with suboptimal CD4 reconstitution despite viral suppression in an African cohort.
Type of trial RCT
Acronym (If the trial has an acronym then please provide) SAS study
Disease(s) or condition(s) being studied HIV/AIDS ,
Purpose of the trial Treatment
Anticipated trial start date 2012-12-10
Actual trial start date
Anticipated date of last follow up
Actual date of last follow up
Anticipated target sample size (number of participants) 30   
Actual target sample size (number of participants)   
Recruitment status Open to recruitment: actively recruiting participants
Secondary Ids Issuing authority/Trial register Links to Secondary ID
HS 1258 Uganda National Council for Science and Technology

Intervention assignment Allocation to intervention If randomised, describe how the allocation sequence was generated Describe how the allocation sequence/code was concealed from the person
allocating the participants to the intervention arms
Masking If masking / blinding was used
Crossover: all participants receive all interventions in different sequence during study Randomised simple randomisation using a randomisation table created by a computer software program sealed opaque envelopes Open-label (masking not used)

Intervention type Intervention name Dose Duration Intervention description Group size Nature of control
Experimental group Atorvastatin group 80mg daily 12 weeks 15
Control group Placebo 2 tablets daily 12 weeks 15 Placebo

List inclusion criteria List exclusion criteria Min age Max age Gender
Age 18years and above HAART for at least 4 years Sustained viral suppression CD4 increase below 300 (from the baseline) History of opportunistic infection in the previous 6 months Pregnancy 18 Years 90 Years Both

Has the study received appropriate ethics committee approval Date the study will be submitted for approval Date of approval
Name of the ethics committee
Yes 2012/08/10 Joint Clinical Research Center
Ethics Committee Address
Street address City Postal code Country
plot 101, lubowa, off entebbe road kampala 10005 Uganda

Type of outcome Outcome Timepoint(s) at which outcome measured
Primary Outcome 25% reduction in immune activation levels using flowcytometry At start of intervention drug and after 12 weeks

Name of recruitment centre Street address City Postal code Country
Infectious Diseases Institute Mulago hill road, Mulago hospital complex Kampala 22418 Uganda

Name of source Street address City Postal code Country
Makerere University Infection and immunity Program Uganda Virus Research Institute Entebbe 49 Uganda
Canadian Grand Challenge 101 College street, suite 406 Toronto M5G1L7 Canada

Sponsor level Name Street address City Postal code Country Nature of sponsor
Primary Sponsor Damalie Nakanjako Mulago hill road, Mulago hospital complex Kampala 22418 Uganda University

Name Street address City Postal code Country
Moses Kamya Mulago hill road, Mulago hospital complex Kampala 7072 Uganda
Rafick Sekaly Vaccine and Gene Therapy Institute Florida United States of America

Role Name Email Phone Fax
Principal Investigator Dr Damalie Nakanjako drdamalie@yahoo.com +256772411273 +256414307290
Street address City Postal code Country Position / Affiliation
Mulago hospital complex, Infectious Diseases Institute Bulilding, research room 2 Kamplala 22418 Uganda Lecturer