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Trial no.: PACTR201308000586211 Date registered: 2013/07/09
Public title Vertical transmission study
Official scientific title A cohort study to assess the impact of a breastfeeding counselling and support strategy to promote exclusive breastfeeding on post-natal transmission of HIV in African women
Brief summary describing the background
and objectives of the trial
A cohort study of HIV-infected mothers and their infants, to determine the rate of HIV MTCT following intensive breastfeeding counselling and support to practise EBF until about 6 months of age. Main aims of the study are to estimate the effect of different infant feeding practices on MTCT rates at 1, 6 and 18-22 weeks of age among women who EBF their babies. A random sub-sample of HIV-uninfected women will be also recruited to compare breastfeeding practices and outcomes in this population.
Type of trial Others
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Disease(s) or condition(s) being studied HIV/AIDS ,
Purpose of the trial Prevention
Anticipated trial start date 2001-09-03
Actual trial start date 2001-10-29
Anticipated date of last follow up 2005-10-31
Actual date of last follow up 2006-10-20
Anticipated target sample size (number of participants) 2500   
Actual target sample size (number of participants) 3465   
Recruitment status Completed: recruitment & data analysis complete
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Scientific Enquiries Dr Nigel Rollins rollinsn@who.int +41 22 7914624 +41 22 7914856
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Dept Maternal, Newborn, Child and Adolescent Health , WHO, Avenue Appia 20 Geneva 1211 Switzerland Scientist